title: NEC Iankowitz

N.E.C. Iankowitz is an ANCC Board Certified Advanced Practice Nurse, motivational speaker, second degree Reiki Practitioner, former Director of Care Management at UHP, and former research coordinator of the Longevity Genes Project at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. She graduated from Pace University in 1981 with a B.A. in Psychology/Human Relations, in 1983 with an M.S. (concentration in nursing), and in 2012 with a doctorate in nursing practice. Dr. Iankowitz is a holistic health & stress management consultant, author of three books (Marcy and Her Friends, Tales of The Soil, and Conversations With Our Daughters), and offers workshops on a variety of topics. She lives with her husband in a quiet rural setting along the Adirondack trail.

Marcy and Her Friends is the largest published collection of my children's stories. I devote most of my time to writing for teenagers and adults, whether it be inspirational short stories and poetry (Tales of The Soil), books about relationships and communication (Conversations With Our Daughters, The Stranger Within), or self-help types of books dealing with stress and anxiety (Life With Perspective, What Makes A Bully Tick?).

I have been invited to publish my works in The Silence Within, Letters from the Soul, The Sound of Poetry and Poetry From The Heart. My essays, short stories and poems have also been published in Reader's Digest, Creations, Pace Literary Magazine, The Menorah, and The Gannett Suburban Newspaper.

Contact me directly to find out more about my bully-free presentations to children (grades 2 & 3), creative writing workshops for children (grades 3-8) and stress management workshops to participants ages 13 to adult.

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